Garden Property while in Quarantine

The year 2020 who would’ve knew what was to become, calling it ‘The Greatest Halt’ of all time in history known to mankind. It took a man made virus to close our planet down. Everything man made stopped for the month of April 2020 here in New Zealand, everything but grass and weeds.

Amongst the lockdown I would often look out at my lawn, I practically watched the grass grow inches in one month. I didn’t hear from my Lawn mowing company and I wondered if would have to cut the lawn myself come level 3, which ultimately I did.

Just a bit of lawn mowing around where we tend to walk, given the fact there are square concrete pads to step on to, the grass was gradually covering the concrete path. My suggestion to myself was to out there myself while the weather is dry and do some weeding and pruning for my own enjoyment and self care. Better still get the kids out there to help out too.

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