How to Trim Hedges: A Beginner’s Guide to Cutting the Perfect Hedge

Hedges are decorative ornaments used to enhance the beauty of a home or commercial property. However, you can’t ignore that overgrown hedges may cause a little discomfort on your property. It can also devalue your home or property when up for sale.

Trimming overgrown hedges and beautifying your property can make a huge difference in how your property is looked at.

This guide contains every piece of information required to make the perfect trimming and shapes for your hedges.

Why Trim Hedges?

Hedges are popular in decorating landscapes—residential or commercial, but you don’t want to leave overgrown hedges disfiguring your walkway, garden, or patio on your property.

Below are some reasons why you should trim your hedges.

–   Hedges can cause safety hazards

Hedges are capable of causing different safety hazards when they are near places like walkways, driveways, or within the compound. This happens because they are overgrowing.

They can cause hazards like blocking the traffic view, destroying homes and vehicles during storms, or cause injuries down the walkways. But trimming overgrown hedges will reduce likely safety hazards that may occur due to overgrown hedges.

–   Hedges become more healthy

Trimming out old and diseased plant parts will grant hedges healthy growth. It allows for fresh growth and prevents insect or pest infestations.

–   Increased real estate value

Do you want to increase the value of your property when it is up for sale?

Start trimming your hedges. This increases the value of your real estate when you want to sell.

When to Trim Your Hedges

The best time to trim hedges in New Zealand is the late winter or early spring. During this time, most plants are dormant and ready for new growth.

Worst time to trim hedges in New Zealand is during the high summer.

How to choose the Best Trimmer

The first thing you should be concerned about is your safety. You don’t go around cutting down bushes without eye protection, gloves, and safety clothing.

Rather than just buying the most expensive hedge trimmer, ask questions ….

–   The size of your yard.

–   Height and depth of hedges.

–   The extent of your landscape.

–   You want to power it electrically or with gas.

When you know exactly what you want,  buy the product that is suitable for your hedges, landscape, albeit your garden.

However, there are basic tools like shears, secateurs, and ladders. These are good but safety first over budget.

How to Trim Hedges

Make sure to have your safety gears on you before you go ahead and trim hedges or trees.

Next, be aware that you will trim your hedges at intervals. You can decide to trim it twice or four times every year.

–   Cut out old and dead parts

The first thing you want to do is to get rid of old and dead parts of your hedges. It is natural and you need to. Without that, there won’t be new growth and your plants may die completely.

Get rid of diseased branches, branches crossing each other, and branches growing towards the centre of the hedge. Now, step away from the hedge and have a view of how it is sitting.

–   Conduct a careful cutting

You should trim your hedges to make them beautiful. You don’t your hedges appear like waves around the home. You should cut carefully. Don’t cut the stem too deep for it to heal quickly.

Maintain the original shape of the plants when you are making your cuts. Remove buds extending sideways. Such buds disfigure the shape of your hedges. Thin out selected parts like stems or branches.

–   Give your hedge a shape

This is the point where the artistic instincts in you get exposed.

Most hedges are V-shaped. You may cut otherwise to have another shape if you don’t want that shape to persist.

Do the following if you want to give your hedges another shape.

1. Make the base broader and let the top be narrower. This allows for maximum sunlight exposure for the base.

2. Start your work from the base. Take a break to see and feel how well you are coming out.

3. Do not remove the skeletal branches of the hedges. They are the stronghold of your plants. If you should remove them, your tree will get damaged entirely.

With the information in this guide, you will make a great trim and provide your home or commercial landscape an inviting view of your property.

Now that you have learned how to trim your overgrown hedges, go ahead and make the magic happen.

However, we will appreciate it that you share your views with us upon completion.

3 Stress-free steps to prune your backyard fruit trees

Having fruit trees growing in the backyard is an attribute of the Kiwi. Fruits trees are abundant for families and neighbours due to the attribution. Although not every homeowner has the knowledge to grow a healthy fruit tree.

However, you must know how to treat your fruit trees right if you want to harvest healthy fruits. One of the best ways to treat your fruit trees right is by pruning your fruit trees.

Are you a homeowner who wants to prune backyard fruit trees without stress? This guide is for you. You will find the necessary information on how you can prune fruit trees growing in your backyard.

What is fruit tree pruning?

Simply put, it is the removal of specific parts of the fruit trees. It may be the branches, offshoots, buds, or leaves. Its principal purpose is to remove a particular part for the healthy regrowth of the trees.

It would help if you pruned up to one-third of your fruit tree because doing that allows it to focus the energy on producing good fruits than on unwanted growth. However, fruit tree pruning is deemed to be seasonal.

5 Reasons You Should Prune Your Fruit Trees

Wondering why you should prune the fruit trees in your backyard?

We listed the important reasons that will make you prune fruit trees regularly.

  1. You undergo less stress during the harvesting period.
  2. You are creating good airflow movement and allowing good radiation. This promotes the ripening of fruits.
  3. You carve your fruit trees into desired shapes.
  4. You are removing dead parts of the trees.
  5. It keeps the fruit-bearing capacity of the trees at balance with high-quality fruits.

When to Prune Your Backyard Fruit Trees?

When you are asking this question, be sure you will hear about seasonal pruning. When you want to prune fruit trees in your backyard, you want to be sure you are not doing it at the wrong time. You don’t want the fruit trees to die.

The winter season is the best period for pruning. However, you should be aware that each fruit tree has its specific season for pruning. The tree is dormant during this time without leaves. It would be best if you were sure there are no buds on the tree too.

3 Steps to Prune Your Backyard Fruit Trees

When you want to prune your fruit trees, you will read different gardeners’ suggestions or opinions. Every year, pruning fruit trees will make it easy for you to prune a big fruit tree in minutes.

The steps below are adaptable for different fruit trees that may grow in your backyard.

  1. Cleaning Up

This first step focuses more on getting rid of unwanted parts of the fruit trees. The unwanted parts include dead, diseased, and damaged parts. These three categories are known to have more effect on the growth of the plant.

That is because the tree will focus its energy on repairing the dead or diseased tissues. Then you will look for and cut out offshoots like

  • buds,
  • branches, and
  • leaves.

Make sure to get rid of some offshoots that may grow from the branches.

  1. Trimming Down

This step is crucial because it allows you to create efficient airflow and radiation patterns for the fruit trees. It will enable the trees to produce more fruits and protect the trees from pest infestation and diseases.

Things you are removing are

  • branches bending downward,
  • moving towards the center of the tree, and
  • branches crossing paths.

After removing those branches, step away from the tree, and look at the branches if they are well-spaced. If they are not, go back to it, and do it right.

Look out for small branches. They tend to be close to one another.

  1. Removing the outermost

This is the last and the easiest step of all. Have you heard about giving a tree a haircut? This step is about that.

It involves removing the outermost growth of the fruit trees. This step makes the tree look cleaner and fresh. Aside from that, the branches will become strong and thick. It is about cutting one-third of the previous year’s growth.

Unlike the second step where you cut selected branches, you have to cut every branch part on the tree in this step. One of the importance of this step is the increasing harvest it brings.

However, make sure you have sharpened and clean equipment when you want to prune your fruit trees. This will help you reduce stress and prevent possible injuries.

Likewise, be quick to dispose of diseased plants to prevent the air from blowing its spores on healthy tree parts.

Weeding your Property

Weeds can be difficult to manage at the best of times, especially when they grow everywhere around your garden. On the Hibiscus Coast living near the sea, we have weeds that are hardy due to the coastal weather patterns, one day we have constant rain, next we have endless sea breeze and steering sun and cloudless skies. This sort of weather grow strong durable weeds any where there is dirt or cracks in the pavement. Common problems with weeds is that they tend to grow in places where only weed killer can reach. Which brings the subject of poisonous solutions for weeds and which solution is the best to use for which particular area of your property.

Managing your weed growth is a task to be done regularly, every 2-3 weeks a new spray of weed killer solution sprayed on the weeds can keep your property looking tidy and weed free. Whats interesting is that a lot of other plants seem to catch the poisonous spray of the weed killer. It is a task that needs to be done with precision and care. Spraying the edging of the lawn, where lawn meets pavement can look messy if not sprayed with care. Lawn mower’s like to pride themselves in finding the right weed solution for the owners of the property.

Buying weed Killer from your local garden or retail shop is an easy choice for your garden cleanup needs, but there are also a couple of home remedies that could possibly be given a try.

Here are a few different natural solutions you can use on your own lawn for weed control.

  1. Citrus Vinegar Solution, this mixture has a few ingredients that can be pulled from the kitchen cupboard, you will need 2 litres of vinegar, 1/4 cup of orange oil, 2 tablespoons of dish washing liquid and 1 cup of lemon juice. Mix all ingredient together well in a bowl, then pour mixture into spray bottles and mark as weed killer (poison). Spray on to the affected areas of the unwanted whole weeds and whole plants to kill the roots. Reapply as needed to kill the weed growth.
  2. Vinegar, Just plain ole vinegar in a spray bottle and sprayed on to the plants, the solution draws the water out of the plants causing the weeds to die from no moisture, exercise caution when applying solution to the grass.
  3. Boiling Water, Yes who would have thought…. plain ole boiling water can kill weeds, caution once again to application as boiling hot water will definitely kill most plants immediately.

Either which solution you choose to use, Use with care as these solutions are poisonous and can be very harmful if left out for the unsuspecting enquirer. ie: children and animals.

Home Staging Outdoor Rooms

Summertime is a time for outdoor living, most people love the outdoors whether it’s adrenaline seeking or kick back at home chilling, and it’s always better when the sun is shining. For those of us who love being at home, the sense of living just the way you want, is so imperial. This is your home! I like to think of it if I was looking at my home as a potential buyer wanting to buy in the location! 

Such a buzz, looking for a new home. What are your first impressions, when you’re looking at a home to buy? The front door opens and you’re drawn in from the front of the house to throughout the interior, the furnishings look great, home staged? I could take a couple tips here and there. You’re then drawn to the outdoor living room of the home. 

It goes without saying when you check out the home’s backyard living space, automatically thought comes to mind of if you can see yourself enjoying living here? It dont really matter how big or small the house, home is what you make it. The outdoor part of your home is no different and it can add value to your home, if taken care of properly. 

This outdoor space can be used to live your best lives creating memories like family barbecues, growing children, teenage parties, family birthdays, some of the fondest memories can be made by the simplest of things and furnishings are no different, personally I think a change is as good as a makeover, something as simple as colour, a fresh lick of paint can change the look and style and sometimes even add value to the home. 

Plants in pots are great pieces as like wall greenery or garden ornaments, like furniture they can be moved around to give your home outdoors the feel of different rooms, a couple of ecliptic chairs placed strategically somewhere off to the side, with the help of assorted sizes of potted plants making a path toward the chairs, can give the impression of adding more room to your outdoors. 

Now what pieces of outdoor furniture can you add to the backyard… with so many choices when choosing a barbeque, dining table and chairs, cushions, maybe some shade covering also, decorating your outdoor living area can be overwhelming and your stuck on not knowing where to start, it can be challenging, your local home stager can give you ideas and tips, their knowledge of design is endless. Give them a call… I’m sure you will appreciate their view and ideas.

If you’re not keen on regular lawn mowing, your local advertiser will have lawn mowing services available. The difference in having regular cut lawns versus letting it go is the difference between neat and tidy or shabby and chic. Call your local mowing and garden service, the ideas and knowledge they have is so valuable. Taking advantage of your outdoor living space today, will be tomorrow’s gift and enjoyment for years to come.

Looking Sharp

Driving around Im constantly looking at Gardens and Lawns of Home owners and whilst going about my daily to do’s, I’ll have a moment where I see a tree or a hedge or a beautiful mowed lawn that will take me back to when I was a child even a teenager, one of many special things i loved to do was, smell the flowers. I particularly liked smelling flowers growing from hedges, Jasmine being a favourite.

Got a hedge on your property or maybe something that has some resemblance to what could look like a hedge, and so all it would need is a good trim. What a difference a trimmed hedge or tree can make to the look of your home. Giving the home some personality, and with regular tender care, a little trim here and there can have a favourable feature sight in my home garden.

A good way to make the best use of limited space and if your’e lucky enough to have the time to invest in growing a hedge, or a natives are a fantastic choice, a big draw card for our depleting population of bees in New Zealand. We are Coastal Garden CleanUps and we love nature as well as keeping clients our lawns and gardens looking sharp.

Talk to our team if you’re wanting to have your garden free from weeds, also if you have small trees that need pruning to keep them in shape and growing healthy. Back in the days of the 1600s it was a common thing to keep your garden and lawns looking sharp, it was mark of a orderly and prospering household. These days we are too busy wondering what the Jones’s think of our garden’s health or wether we have prospering trees, shrubs or hedges. Leave that to Coastal Garden CleanUps, it’ll be our pleasure. Look forward to hearing from you 🙂

Garden CleanUps

Ever feel like your’e outdoor garden is a mess? Overgrown weeds, dying plants, grass growing into the garden, urgh, its just a complete mess. Looking at it can be become an eyesore, in fact if you don’t have the right tools and don’t have an idea where can all this garden rubbish can go? Where do you start? Firstly looking at it is giving me a headache, lol……..Don’t worry we’ve heard it all before and we can handle it, in fact we love it, its what we do best.

Coastal Garden CleanUps is our business, we pride ourselves in making a fantastic difference to your outdoor property gardens and lawns. We’re interested to know what you need clearing out and when its all cleaned up! oh my! Such a good feeling to come home from work to see the lawns done, oh and that bit of weeding that I’ve been meaning to weed out has been done too…. Hey, we know your’e busy!

Give us a call +6498873145 to talk about your lawn and garden maintenance about how you would like your outdoor property to look. Our friendly call service is ready to take your call.

Formal Ocassions

Just a thought! Its not the top of the list kinda thing, but!! If your looking for a tidy lawn cut for a special occasion albeit a barbecue or something a little more eventful, let us know in advance of the preparations for your backyard event and we can manicure your lawn to looking clean, tidy and fresh.

Nothing better than watching all the detailed work that no one really notices done and dusted before the decorations and maybe fanfare arrive to embellish a great backyard for a special even.

Having that lawn manicured to just looking perfect, its something not really noticed until you walk on it and if the lawn has been trimmed regularly, you can be assured your lawn will be looking fine and refined enough to talk about at the event. chin chin 😛

The team at Coastal Garden CleanUps have only the best work ethic, our clients are who we work for. Therefore only the best work will do. With 20 years plus in the industry, its the experience that our clients enjoy, knowing our team works best with experience. Time and time again, and with time comes the experience of exceptional customer service.

Coastal Garden CleanUps 09 8873145 call today.

Sandra Wallace

Such a wonderful team of professionals, always reliable and wanting to please, leaving my lawns in immaculate presentation, Im happy with fortnightly visits with the expectation in high regard these guys never fail to reach. All grass clippings are taken away, weed eating is perfect no trees harmed in the process, all the grass is blown away so my driveway is left tidy every time.

Give them a call :)) Coastal Garden CleanUps ………The team will be happy to speak to you about your lawn maintenance Monday to Friday give them a call or

I highly recommend the Coastal Garden CleanUps team, they are affordable as well as friendly and efficient. Nothing is too much and asking is a pleasure. Looking for the right team to maintain your outdoor property? Look no further Coastal Garden CleanUps can.

Now that the cooler months are coming …

The Autumn season brings colour and change. In your backyard, your lawn’s growth slows down too, its something people don’t really think about, our specialised maintenance team know all too well, when the grass slows down, the weeds come to visit. The cooler months bring more moisture weather via rain or fog but the savings you’ll collect. Keen to put your savings back into maintaining your lawn?

Some thoughts on lawn keeping, are as good as hot cuppa tea on a cold Winter’s day.

Grass tends to grow slower in the cooler months as spoken earlier, grass looks great until it gets too long and then disastrous things can start to happen… with longer grass left to grow, it can allow grass disease to set in, due to the grass growing and bending over giving shade too itself. Grass also needs airflow and overgrown grass can inhibit trapped moisture and over time patches of grass die from waterpots in the ley of the land.

Here’s to having great drainage in your backyard, as you you don’t want soggy grass either. With mentioning soggy grass, best time to lawn mow your long grass is before the grass becomes too bogged down with moisture. Our Garden maintenance team is on to it, keeping an eye on the weather and their timetable routine. I know our Garden can get really bogged down in the winter months due to wet days, soggy ground and by the time the long grass is cut the residue of long grass is grass rot. Not a pretty sight and left to more rainy days and soggy ground the cut grass start to degrade from a lush green to a brown slime, not really attractive, keeping on top of the grass cut can be an art form trying to work well in with the weather.

Back to drainage, walking on your lawn barefoot feeling the lush green spongy grass between your toes? No! you have puddles of water trapped in little pools of grass, our maintenance team can offer you good information and tools that help dipurse water. Drainage is essential to have fine looking grass. Ask our friendly Team what they can do for your lawn maintenance.

Thanks for stopping by feel free to leave a message, we would love to hear from you.

Garden Property while in Quarantine

The year 2020 who would’ve knew what was to become, calling it ‘The Greatest Halt’ of all time in history known to mankind. It took a man made virus to close our planet down. Everything man made stopped for the month of April 2020 here in New Zealand, everything but grass and weeds.

Amongst the lockdown I would often look out at my lawn, I practically watched the grass grow inches in one month. I didn’t hear from my Lawn mowing company and I wondered if would have to cut the lawn myself come level 3, which ultimately I did.

Just a bit of lawn mowing around where we tend to walk, given the fact there are square concrete pads to step on to, the grass was gradually covering the concrete path. My suggestion to myself was to out there myself while the weather is dry and do some weeding and pruning for my own enjoyment and self care. Better still get the kids out there to help out too.

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