Great Tips To Keep My Lawn Green In The Summer Months

During Summer, most lawn owners and companies that offer lawn service are out on ways to keep lawns green and looking their utmost best. This is because the summer heat and drought threaten to destroy your well cultivated and beautifully grown lawn.

Most people believe that regular watering of the lawn in the sun is the best and only way to maintain its beautiful and bright nature. Unknowingly to them, it is not exactly the right thing to do.

Summer is a time where lawn owners and mowers undergo a lot of stress from activities that include lawn mowing, fertilization, and others. Also, the increased flux of movement from people and pets could cause massive wear and tear than usual. 

Insects and diseases can also invade your lawn, leaving you with a lot to handle and fix. Many other factors can cause your once-green and lush lawns to look dry and brown.

In this article, we will be sharing the best tips to ensure your lawn remains green and lush during the summer months. First off, what makes the color of your lawn change?

Why Does The Color Of Your Lawn Fade?

To get a full grasp on how to keep your lawn green, you may first of all need to know why the grass loses its fresh and green nature.

The weather can be a bit extreme in some climates, and these changes can lead to dry grounds that may cause the brown coloring of the grass.

Here are a few of the things that can cause the grass to lose its green color:

#1. Improper Lawn Mowing

Waiting for long before the next lawn mowing or mowing the grass to an extremely short level are all noted as improper lawn mowing. These methods can cause damage to the structure and health of your turf.

When you mow too short, the heat can burn the surface of the lawn, preventing the roots from growing. Also, note that your grass mustn’t get too long to avoid any sort of damage while reducing it.

#2. Disease Or Insects

The problem with these insects or diseases is that they are more likely to attack during the hotter seasons. These may cause an appearance of brown and black spots on the grass that even a lot of water can’t wash away.

#3. Improper Lawn Watering

When you water too little or too regularly, it can prevent water from penetrating well into the roots.

A well-maintained lawn has an already developed root system that captures and uses water well. Watering late in the day time may also cause the water to evaporate easily and on time.

#4. Unnecessary Traffic

Most lawns are quite admirable, and so you have pets and children go into your lawn to play and run around.

Vehicles and household workers may come by and cross your lawns too. That’s a lot of traffic. These activities do not just put in stress but can give your lawn an untidy and unhealthy look.

How to Keep Your Lawn Green in the Summer Months

There are various steps to follow when it comes to lawns and keeping them fresh and healthy during dry and hot seasons. 

All you need to do is follow these steps consistently, and your lawn will stay beautiful and fresh green for a long while.

#1. Mind Your Watering Habits

You must know your lawn well, to ascertain who it needs watering. Most grasses change color and their leaves remain matted down when stepped on. A healthy leaf will always bounce back up.

Stay mindful of restrictions related to droughts in your lawn area, as well as how regularly you water your lawn. The watering process should be done regularly and consistently, rather than daily.

Never forget to leave your garden hose out with water. Always empty them after each use. Avoid the use of hot water for your watering process.

#2. Maintain A Longer Grass

The essence of keeping longer grass is because they give way for the growth of longer roots, which penetrates easily into the moisture in the soil. This will prevent the grass from drying out fast and gives them better protection using their long blades. 

Lawn mowing the grass to an extremely short extent can be damaging to the lawn, as it scorches the part of the grass that initiates growth.

Note that lawn mowing grass short will require you to water it more often. Light and regular watering will only produce shorter roots.

#3. Feed Your Lawn Well

Fertilizers are known to trigger new growth in plants. In a hot season, grasses should be fertilized every 5 or 6 weeks. Switch to a low nitrogen content fertilizer if your lawn grows too fast with the former.

A mulching mower helps to fertilize your lawn, naturally and faster. It recycles the nutrients and applies them evenly. Note that too much fertilizer can give your lawn a brown color.

#4. Take Care Of Your Lawn

Taking care of your lawn is an utmost priority to preserve its green color on dry and hot days like summer.

There are times when animals or your pets walk through your lawn and end up urinating on it. They are over-fertilizing the soil with urine and its extra content of nitrogen.

This may give the grasses on your lawn a yellow or bare patch that will need extra maintenance. Excess foot traffic can cause soil compaction, so, avoid crossing or walking on the grass.

#5. Contact Professional Lawn Service

Sometimes, all you need is good lawn assistance. Your lawn needs proper treatment, analysis, and great timing to get a good-looking and healthy lawn. 

A professional lawn service offers an effective lawn treatment plan that includes fertilization, treatment for disease and insects, weed control with the right supply of herbicides, and many more.

You can always book an appointment with a lawn service for a scheduled visit, if necessary.


Aside from the few tips listed, there are other ways to keep your lawn healthy and green with envy.

In case you are experiencing any difficulty in getting your lawn in good shape, it’s advisable that you contact a good lawn service. Remember that a healthy green lawn is best for you and your environment.

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