How to Trim Hedges: A Beginner’s Guide to Cutting the Perfect Hedge

Hedges are decorative ornaments used to enhance the beauty of a home or commercial property. However, you can’t ignore that overgrown hedges may cause a little discomfort on your property. It can also devalue your home or property when up for sale.

Trimming overgrown hedges and beautifying your property can make a huge difference in how your property is looked at.

This guide contains every piece of information required to make the perfect trimming and shapes for your hedges.

Why Trim Hedges?

Hedges are popular in decorating landscapes—residential or commercial, but you don’t want to leave overgrown hedges disfiguring your walkway, garden, or patio on your property.

Below are some reasons why you should trim your hedges.

–   Hedges can cause safety hazards

Hedges are capable of causing different safety hazards when they are near places like walkways, driveways, or within the compound. This happens because they are overgrowing.

They can cause hazards like blocking the traffic view, destroying homes and vehicles during storms, or cause injuries down the walkways. But trimming overgrown hedges will reduce likely safety hazards that may occur due to overgrown hedges.

–   Hedges become more healthy

Trimming out old and diseased plant parts will grant hedges healthy growth. It allows for fresh growth and prevents insect or pest infestations.

–   Increased real estate value

Do you want to increase the value of your property when it is up for sale?

Start trimming your hedges. This increases the value of your real estate when you want to sell.

When to Trim Your Hedges

The best time to trim hedges in New Zealand is the late winter or early spring. During this time, most plants are dormant and ready for new growth.

Worst time to trim hedges in New Zealand is during the high summer.

How to choose the Best Trimmer

The first thing you should be concerned about is your safety. You don’t go around cutting down bushes without eye protection, gloves, and safety clothing.

Rather than just buying the most expensive hedge trimmer, ask questions ….

–   The size of your yard.

–   Height and depth of hedges.

–   The extent of your landscape.

–   You want to power it electrically or with gas.

When you know exactly what you want,  buy the product that is suitable for your hedges, landscape, albeit your garden.

However, there are basic tools like shears, secateurs, and ladders. These are good but safety first over budget.

How to Trim Hedges

Make sure to have your safety gears on you before you go ahead and trim hedges or trees.

Next, be aware that you will trim your hedges at intervals. You can decide to trim it twice or four times every year.

–   Cut out old and dead parts

The first thing you want to do is to get rid of old and dead parts of your hedges. It is natural and you need to. Without that, there won’t be new growth and your plants may die completely.

Get rid of diseased branches, branches crossing each other, and branches growing towards the centre of the hedge. Now, step away from the hedge and have a view of how it is sitting.

–   Conduct a careful cutting

You should trim your hedges to make them beautiful. You don’t your hedges appear like waves around the home. You should cut carefully. Don’t cut the stem too deep for it to heal quickly.

Maintain the original shape of the plants when you are making your cuts. Remove buds extending sideways. Such buds disfigure the shape of your hedges. Thin out selected parts like stems or branches.

–   Give your hedge a shape

This is the point where the artistic instincts in you get exposed.

Most hedges are V-shaped. You may cut otherwise to have another shape if you don’t want that shape to persist.

Do the following if you want to give your hedges another shape.

1. Make the base broader and let the top be narrower. This allows for maximum sunlight exposure for the base.

2. Start your work from the base. Take a break to see and feel how well you are coming out.

3. Do not remove the skeletal branches of the hedges. They are the stronghold of your plants. If you should remove them, your tree will get damaged entirely.

With the information in this guide, you will make a great trim and provide your home or commercial landscape an inviting view of your property.

Now that you have learned how to trim your overgrown hedges, go ahead and make the magic happen.

However, we will appreciate it that you share your views with us upon completion.

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