3 Stress-free steps to prune your backyard fruit trees

Having fruit trees growing in the backyard is an attribute of the Kiwi. Fruits trees are abundant for families and neighbours due to the attribution. Although not every homeowner has the knowledge to grow a healthy fruit tree.

However, you must know how to treat your fruit trees right if you want to harvest healthy fruits. One of the best ways to treat your fruit trees right is by pruning your fruit trees.

Are you a homeowner who wants to prune backyard fruit trees without stress? This guide is for you. You will find the necessary information on how you can prune fruit trees growing in your backyard.

What is fruit tree pruning?

Simply put, it is the removal of specific parts of the fruit trees. It may be the branches, offshoots, buds, or leaves. Its principal purpose is to remove a particular part for the healthy regrowth of the trees.

It would help if you pruned up to one-third of your fruit tree because doing that allows it to focus the energy on producing good fruits than on unwanted growth. However, fruit tree pruning is deemed to be seasonal.

5 Reasons You Should Prune Your Fruit Trees

Wondering why you should prune the fruit trees in your backyard?

We listed the important reasons that will make you prune fruit trees regularly.

  1. You undergo less stress during the harvesting period.
  2. You are creating good airflow movement and allowing good radiation. This promotes the ripening of fruits.
  3. You carve your fruit trees into desired shapes.
  4. You are removing dead parts of the trees.
  5. It keeps the fruit-bearing capacity of the trees at balance with high-quality fruits.

When to Prune Your Backyard Fruit Trees?

When you are asking this question, be sure you will hear about seasonal pruning. When you want to prune fruit trees in your backyard, you want to be sure you are not doing it at the wrong time. You don’t want the fruit trees to die.

The winter season is the best period for pruning. However, you should be aware that each fruit tree has its specific season for pruning. The tree is dormant during this time without leaves. It would be best if you were sure there are no buds on the tree too.

3 Steps to Prune Your Backyard Fruit Trees

When you want to prune your fruit trees, you will read different gardeners’ suggestions or opinions. Every year, pruning fruit trees will make it easy for you to prune a big fruit tree in minutes.

The steps below are adaptable for different fruit trees that may grow in your backyard.

  1. Cleaning Up

This first step focuses more on getting rid of unwanted parts of the fruit trees. The unwanted parts include dead, diseased, and damaged parts. These three categories are known to have more effect on the growth of the plant.

That is because the tree will focus its energy on repairing the dead or diseased tissues. Then you will look for and cut out offshoots like

  • buds,
  • branches, and
  • leaves.

Make sure to get rid of some offshoots that may grow from the branches.

  1. Trimming Down

This step is crucial because it allows you to create efficient airflow and radiation patterns for the fruit trees. It will enable the trees to produce more fruits and protect the trees from pest infestation and diseases.

Things you are removing are

  • branches bending downward,
  • moving towards the center of the tree, and
  • branches crossing paths.

After removing those branches, step away from the tree, and look at the branches if they are well-spaced. If they are not, go back to it, and do it right.

Look out for small branches. They tend to be close to one another.

  1. Removing the outermost

This is the last and the easiest step of all. Have you heard about giving a tree a haircut? This step is about that.

It involves removing the outermost growth of the fruit trees. This step makes the tree look cleaner and fresh. Aside from that, the branches will become strong and thick. It is about cutting one-third of the previous year’s growth.

Unlike the second step where you cut selected branches, you have to cut every branch part on the tree in this step. One of the importance of this step is the increasing harvest it brings.

However, make sure you have sharpened and clean equipment when you want to prune your fruit trees. This will help you reduce stress and prevent possible injuries.

Likewise, be quick to dispose of diseased plants to prevent the air from blowing its spores on healthy tree parts.

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