Weeding your Property

Weeds can be difficult to manage at the best of times, especially when they grow everywhere around your garden. On the Hibiscus Coast living near the sea, we have weeds that are hardy due to the coastal weather patterns, one day we have constant rain, next we have endless sea breeze and steering sun and cloudless skies. This sort of weather grow strong durable weeds any where there is dirt or cracks in the pavement. Common problems with weeds is that they tend to grow in places where only weed killer can reach. Which brings the subject of poisonous solutions for weeds and which solution is the best to use for which particular area of your property.

Managing your weed growth is a task to be done regularly, every 2-3 weeks a new spray of weed killer solution sprayed on the weeds can keep your property looking tidy and weed free. Whats interesting is that a lot of other plants seem to catch the poisonous spray of the weed killer. It is a task that needs to be done with precision and care. Spraying the edging of the lawn, where lawn meets pavement can look messy if not sprayed with care. Lawn mower’s like to pride themselves in finding the right weed solution for the owners of the property.

Buying weed Killer from your local garden or retail shop is an easy choice for your garden cleanup needs, but there are also a couple of home remedies that could possibly be given a try.

Here are a few different natural solutions you can use on your own lawn for weed control.

  1. Citrus Vinegar Solution, this mixture has a few ingredients that can be pulled from the kitchen cupboard, you will need 2 litres of vinegar, 1/4 cup of orange oil, 2 tablespoons of dish washing liquid and 1 cup of lemon juice. Mix all ingredient together well in a bowl, then pour mixture into spray bottles and mark as weed killer (poison). Spray on to the affected areas of the unwanted whole weeds and whole plants to kill the roots. Reapply as needed to kill the weed growth.
  2. Vinegar, Just plain ole vinegar in a spray bottle and sprayed on to the plants, the solution draws the water out of the plants causing the weeds to die from no moisture, exercise caution when applying solution to the grass.
  3. Boiling Water, Yes who would have thought…. plain ole boiling water can kill weeds, caution once again to application as boiling hot water will definitely kill most plants immediately.

Either which solution you choose to use, Use with care as these solutions are poisonous and can be very harmful if left out for the unsuspecting enquirer. ie: children and animals.

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