Home Staging Outdoor Rooms

Summertime is a time for outdoor living, most people love the outdoors whether it’s adrenaline seeking or kick back at home chilling, and it’s always better when the sun is shining. For those of us who love being at home, the sense of living just the way you want, is so imperial. This is your home! I like to think of it if I was looking at my home as a potential buyer wanting to buy in the location! 

Such a buzz, looking for a new home. What are your first impressions, when you’re looking at a home to buy? The front door opens and you’re drawn in from the front of the house to throughout the interior, the furnishings look great, home staged? I could take a couple tips here and there. You’re then drawn to the outdoor living room of the home. 

It goes without saying when you check out the home’s backyard living space, automatically thought comes to mind of if you can see yourself enjoying living here? It dont really matter how big or small the house, home is what you make it. The outdoor part of your home is no different and it can add value to your home, if taken care of properly. 

This outdoor space can be used to live your best lives creating memories like family barbecues, growing children, teenage parties, family birthdays, some of the fondest memories can be made by the simplest of things and furnishings are no different, personally I think a change is as good as a makeover, something as simple as colour, a fresh lick of paint can change the look and style and sometimes even add value to the home. 

Plants in pots are great pieces as like wall greenery or garden ornaments, like furniture they can be moved around to give your home outdoors the feel of different rooms, a couple of ecliptic chairs placed strategically somewhere off to the side, with the help of assorted sizes of potted plants making a path toward the chairs, can give the impression of adding more room to your outdoors. 

Now what pieces of outdoor furniture can you add to the backyard… with so many choices when choosing a barbeque, dining table and chairs, cushions, maybe some shade covering also, decorating your outdoor living area can be overwhelming and your stuck on not knowing where to start, it can be challenging, your local home stager can give you ideas and tips, their knowledge of design is endless. Give them a call… I’m sure you will appreciate their view and ideas.

If you’re not keen on regular lawn mowing, your local advertiser will have lawn mowing services available. The difference in having regular cut lawns versus letting it go is the difference between neat and tidy or shabby and chic. Call your local mowing and garden service, the ideas and knowledge they have is so valuable. Taking advantage of your outdoor living space today, will be tomorrow’s gift and enjoyment for years to come.

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