Looking Sharp

Driving around Im constantly looking at Gardens and Lawns of Home owners and whilst going about my daily to do’s, I’ll have a moment where I see a tree or a hedge or a beautiful mowed lawn that will take me back to when I was a child even a teenager, one of many special things i loved to do was, smell the flowers. I particularly liked smelling flowers growing from hedges, Jasmine being a favourite.

Got a hedge on your property or maybe something that has some resemblance to what could look like a hedge, and so all it would need is a good trim. What a difference a trimmed hedge or tree can make to the look of your home. Giving the home some personality, and with regular tender care, a little trim here and there can have a favourable feature sight in my home garden.

A good way to make the best use of limited space and if your’e lucky enough to have the time to invest in growing a hedge, or a natives are a fantastic choice, a big draw card for our depleting population of bees in New Zealand. We are Coastal Garden CleanUps and we love nature as well as keeping clients our lawns and gardens looking sharp.

Talk to our team if you’re wanting to have your garden free from weeds, also if you have small trees that need pruning to keep them in shape and growing healthy. Back in the days of the 1600s it was a common thing to keep your garden and lawns looking sharp, it was mark of a orderly and prospering household. These days we are too busy wondering what the Jones’s think of our garden’s health or wether we have prospering trees, shrubs or hedges. Leave that to Coastal Garden CleanUps, it’ll be our pleasure. Look forward to hearing from you šŸ™‚

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