Garden CleanUps

Ever feel like your’e outdoor garden is a mess? Overgrown weeds, dying plants, grass growing into the garden, urgh, its just a complete mess. Looking at it can be become an eyesore, in fact if you don’t have the right tools and don’t have an idea where can all this garden rubbish can go? Where do you start? Firstly looking at it is giving me a headache, lol……..Don’t worry we’ve heard it all before and we can handle it, in fact we love it, its what we do best.

Coastal Garden CleanUps is our business, we pride ourselves in making a fantastic difference to your outdoor property gardens and lawns. We’re interested to know what you need clearing out and when its all cleaned up! oh my! Such a good feeling to come home from work to see the lawns done, oh and that bit of weeding that I’ve been meaning to weed out has been done too…. Hey, we know your’e busy!

Give us a call +6498873145 to talk about your lawn and garden maintenance about how you would like your outdoor property to look. Our friendly call service is ready to take your call.

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