Formal Ocassions

Just a thought! Its not the top of the list kinda thing, but!! If your looking for a tidy lawn cut for a special occasion albeit a barbecue or something a little more eventful, let us know in advance of the preparations for your backyard event and we can manicure your lawn to looking clean, tidy and fresh.

Nothing better than watching all the detailed work that no one really notices done and dusted before the decorations and maybe fanfare arrive to embellish a great backyard for a special even.

Having that lawn manicured to just looking perfect, its something not really noticed until you walk on it and if the lawn has been trimmed regularly, you can be assured your lawn will be looking fine and refined enough to talk about at the event. chin chin 😛

The team at Coastal Garden CleanUps have only the best work ethic, our clients are who we work for. Therefore only the best work will do. With 20 years plus in the industry, its the experience that our clients enjoy, knowing our team works best with experience. Time and time again, and with time comes the experience of exceptional customer service.

Coastal Garden CleanUps 09 8873145 call today.

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