Now that the cooler months are coming …

The Autumn season brings colour and change. In your backyard, your lawn’s growth slows down too, its something people don’t really think about, our specialised maintenance team know all too well, when the grass slows down, the weeds come to visit. The cooler months bring more moisture weather via rain or fog but the savings you’ll collect. Keen to put your savings back into maintaining your lawn?

Some thoughts on lawn keeping, are as good as hot cuppa tea on a cold Winter’s day.

Grass tends to grow slower in the cooler months as spoken earlier, grass looks great until it gets too long and then disastrous things can start to happen… with longer grass left to grow, it can allow grass disease to set in, due to the grass growing and bending over giving shade too itself. Grass also needs airflow and overgrown grass can inhibit trapped moisture and over time patches of grass die from waterpots in the ley of the land.

Here’s to having great drainage in your backyard, as you you don’t want soggy grass either. With mentioning soggy grass, best time to lawn mow your long grass is before the grass becomes too bogged down with moisture. Our Garden maintenance team is on to it, keeping an eye on the weather and their timetable routine. I know our Garden can get really bogged down in the winter months due to wet days, soggy ground and by the time the long grass is cut the residue of long grass is grass rot. Not a pretty sight and left to more rainy days and soggy ground the cut grass start to degrade from a lush green to a brown slime, not really attractive, keeping on top of the grass cut can be an art form trying to work well in with the weather.

Back to drainage, walking on your lawn barefoot feeling the lush green spongy grass between your toes? No! you have puddles of water trapped in little pools of grass, our maintenance team can offer you good information and tools that help dipurse water. Drainage is essential to have fine looking grass. Ask our friendly Team what they can do for your lawn maintenance.

Thanks for stopping by feel free to leave a message, we would love to hear from you.

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